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Examined Life is founded on this principle - all people should

examine what they believe and understand why they believe

it.  Our purpose is twofold: to encourage people of all world-

views to think carefully about the most important questions

in life and to help them engage in meaningful conversations

about these questions.


We also strive to equip Christians in particular with the knowledge and tools that will help our skeptical culture to consider the claims of classical Christianity.  This is related to our purpose because part of thinking carefully about the important questions involves examining the claims of Jesus of Nazareth.


We want to help you examine the big questions so you can converse confidently with others and help them to do the same. We accomplish this through thought-provoking ARTICLES, engaging PRESENTATIONS, and conversation-starting APPAREL.

"The unexamined life

is not worth living."

-Socrates in Plato's Dialogues - Apology (38a)

We offer a variety of articles intended for all people to share with all people.  They are designed to be read and passed along.  Our articles encourage Christians and non-Christians alike to thoughtfully consider the most important questions in life and provide tools for examining tough issues.

They also encourage everyone to reconsider the popular slogans in our culture that have been widely circulated, repeated, and accepted without much thought. Check out some of our latest ARTICLES below.

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Our speaker team, Marty Clapp and James Umber, offers a variety of lectures, workshops, and sermons designed to help all audiences think carefully about the most important questions.  We are happy to speak in a variety of venues, be it secular events, classroom settings, student groups, club meetings, church services, or training seminars.  Check out our SPEAKER BIOS and our UPCOMING EVENTS for more information. To invite one of our speakers to your next event CONTACT US.


We want to help you start conversations that matter.  Our shirts are stylish and eye-catching, but more significantly, each one captures an important idea in a provocative phrase.  And each shirt links directly to an article (via QR code) further exploring the topic of the shirt.  Follow the QR code to the corresponding article when you first get the shirt to prepare for conversations.  Allow others to scan the QR code to help them continue exploring the topic.  You may even find that people too shy to ask about your shirt will follow the code to find out what it is all about. Check out OUR DESIGNS and start making your conversations count.

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