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We want to help you start conversations that matter.  Our shirts are stylish and eye-catching, but more significantly, each one captures an important idea in a provocative phrase.  And each shirt links directly to an article (via QR code) further exploring the topic of the shirt.  Follow the QR code to the corresponding article when you first get the shirt to prepare for conversations.  Allow others to scan the QR code to help them continue exploring the topic.  You may even find that people who are too shy to ask about your shirt will follow the code to find out what it is all about. Our shirts are available on Check out our designs and start making your conversations count.

(Our shirts are also available at each of our speaking events. See our EVENTS CALENDAR to join us at our next event.)


Find the article that corresponds to each shirt to better understand the message.  You can either click on the button under each shirt or find the article on our EXAMINE page.  Please remember to share this article with others to spread the message.


All of our shirts are made from a high-quality, durable material.  The text and QR code are printed in a durable ink that can remain crisp and easy to read for years.  Please read our washing instructions to further extend the life of your conversation-starting shirt.


Here are some simple ways to extend the life of your shirt, beyond the standard handling instructions (none of these steps are required for basic care):

  • Wash with like colors.

  • Turn shirt inside out before washing.

  • Wash in cold water.

  • Lay flat to dry.


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