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Recognizing that most Christians today do not feel adequately prepared to respond to the tough questions and issues they face in today’s culture, Marty’s objective is twofold: train other Christians - whether youth or adult - to share the gospel more confidently and effectively. Secondly, to equip them with the tools they need to persuasively defend Christianity and Christian values in the public arena. As a Chandler resident since 1962, Marty is enjoying his new role as a grandparent.




Since 2008 James has taught students and adults at various churches and venues across Arizona. He earned his Master of Apologetics  from Talbot at BIOLA. He is co-founder and speaker at Examined Life, an apologetics training ministry. He is also the chapter director for Ratio Christi, ASU Tempe, a student organization that encourages civil dialogue about the big worldview issues. James, his wife, and their daughter live in Phoenix, AZ.

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